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SKU: ES1595

Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun - Gun Kit

Package Quantity: 1

A revolutionary system that allows the application of all kinds of single-component sealants (in aluminum, plastic or carton cartridges as well as in bags). It sprays the product in various finishes, creates ridges of various widths on doors and bonnets and applies sealants for fitting windows.
Accessories Included with Gun:
  • Nylon piston for sprayable products in bag.
  • Adapter for bags.
  • Adapter for applying specific products for ridges & seal adhesives.
  • External nozzle for deburred spraying (VW type).
  • External nozzle for clean spraying (Renault type).
  • Internal nozzle for screwing onto the cartridge.

  • Extra Accessories are also available on this page:
  • Internal Spray Nozzle for Spray Gun.
  • Flat Nozzle for Spray Gun.
  • General Purpose Nozzle for Spray Gun.