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Deluxe Master Repair Shop Assortment

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Package Quantity: 7,291 Total Pieces

The Deluxe Master Repair Shop Assortment is perfect for any shop or garage that values efficiency and organization. With hundreds of Fasteners, Hose Clamps, Blade Fuses, Terminals, Drain Plugs and more (7,291 total pieces) you won't have to worry about running out of inventory anytime soon!

At your disposal is an array of Hardware including American, Metric, J.I.S. Hex Bolts, Flat Washers, Lock Washer, Hex Nuts, Wing Nuts, Razor Blades, Tie Straps, Roloc Discs, Hose Clamps, Opti-Seal Terminals, Drain Plugs, Phillips Oval & Pan Head Screws, Blade Fuses, Cotter Pins, Cablelink Terminal, Body Clips and much more!  Thanks to pre-labeled drawers you can easily track inventory and reorder as needed to ensure there is no downtime.

Included in the Master Repair Shop Assortment:
  • 8 Large Assortments
  • 54 Pull-Out Drawers for Fasteners
  • Lockable Cabinet for Chemicals & Repair Accessories
  • 990RSS - Repair Shop Sampler
  • 216 Types of Fasteners
Large Assortments Included:
  • Wheel Lug Nuts (#6151-LRG) 80 Pieces of Wheel Lug Nuts
  • Blade Fuses (#6134-LRG) 200 Pieces of Blade Fuses in Mini, Maxi, and ATC varieties
  • Cotter Pins (#6112-LRG) 1,450 Cotter Pins in a variety of sizes
  • Body Clips (#BCA-1-LRG) 250 Body Clips for Foreign and Domestic vehicles
  • CableLink Terminals (#CLA-1-LRG) 73 Pieces of Cable Repair supplies including Lugs, Solder Pellets and more
  • Drain Plugs (#DPA-1-LRG) 52 Drain Plugs in several types and sizes
  • Opti-Clear Terminals (#6238-LRG) 270 Opti-Clear Terminals and Connectors designed for visual assurance
  • Phillips Oval & Pan S/T Screws (#POS-1-LRG) 1,100 Self-Tapping Phillips Pan and Oval Head Screws in several sizes

Cabinet Dimensions:
Width: 33-3/4"
Height: 67-3/4"
Depth: 12-1/2"

Individual Drawer Size:
Width: 5-3/8"
Height: 2-3/4"
Depth: 11-1/4"
Each drawer has high-impact plastic dividers.

Assortment Drawer Size:
Width: 18"
Height: 3"
Depth: 12"

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