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Electrical Repair Shop System

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This SEMA Set-Up was tailor made for working with Electrical applications. Here you'll find 8 fully loaded Assortments designed to provide reliable termination and connection in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. The stacked design of this Set-Up takes up little space so you are free to work with ease, and with each drawer pre-labeled there is no guess-work involved when retrieving parts. New shops can get started with the right supplies while exisitng shops can streamline their service station.

This Set-Up Includes 8 Large Sized Assortments geared toward Electrical Work:

  • Weather Pack Terminals (6195-LRG) Includes 138 O.E.M. Weather Pack Terminals deaigned for use on GM cars to protect agianst contaminants.
  • Electrical Connectors & Tool (ECA-2-LRG) Includes 636 Electrical Connectors used for assembling, installing, and supplying power. Crimping tool included.
  • Uninsulated Electrical Terminals (6250-LRG) Includes 370 Uninsulated Terminals to cover every wire range, including large 8 AWG sizes.
  • Shrink Tubing & Hydralink (6105-LRG) Includes 95 pieces of High Adhesive Flow Tubing and Connectors for In-Line and Closed-End.
  • O.E.M. Terminals & Tools (6178-LRG) Includes 237 O.E.M. Terminals for quick connection between wires and headers or other wires. Heavy Duty Pliers and Extractor tools inclded.
  • Blade Fuses (6134-LRG) Includes 200 Blade Fuses designed to protect against various amperage ratings, ideal for battery or alternator circuit protection.
  • Battery Cable Repair (6217-LRG) Includes 113 components for battery cable repair including solder slugs, copper lugs, and Red or Black Shrink Tubing.
  • Opti-Clear Electrical Terminals (6238-LRG) Includes 270 Terminals with a clear design to allow for worry free connection when working on wiring applications.

Some assembly required.

Included in Set-Up:
  • ROGO Bin Topper.
  • Assortment Rack Stand (20-3/8" W x 15-1/8" H x 12-1/8" D)
  • 2 x Large Drawer Assortment Racks (20-1/4" W x 15" H x 12-1/2" D)
  • 8 Body Shop Assortments

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