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Auto Body Shop System

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In a busy Body Shop, utilizing space efficiently and having enough inventory are key components to keeping workflow smooth. The SEMA Body Shop Set-Up from ROGO is designed to tackle these issues by providing you with a huge selection of parts while taking up very little space thanks to the stacked construction. Whether you're a hobbiest or have your own garage, you'll enjoy a variety of products to suit your needs and keep working from start to finish. For brand new shops this Set-Up will get you going in the right direction with lots of inventory and organization.

This Set-Up Includes 8 Large Sized Assortments geared toward Body Shops:

  • Metric Body Hardware (MBH-1-LRG) Includes 256 pieces of Metric Hex Head SEMS Body Bolts, Nuts, and "U" Nuts used globally.
  • Black Screws #1 (BSA-1-LRG) Includes 1,150 Black Screws in Hex Head, Oval Head, Wafer Head, and Pan head varieties for sheet metal.
  • Black Screws #2 (BSA-2-LRG) Includes 450 Black Sheet Metal Screws in a variety of sizes and types for multiple jobs.
  • Late Model Clips (6255-LRG) Includes 237 popular Late Model fasteners commonly sought after for more modern and current vehicles.
  • Nylon Rivets (NRA-1-LRG) Includes 200 Nylon Rivets designed for fastening materials such as plastic sheets, fiberglass, sheet metal and more.
  • Metal Specialty Rivets (6247-LRG) Includes 580 Specialty Rivets designed for better performance in foreign and domestic vehicles.
  • Essential Moulding Clips (#6271-LRG) Includes 249 clips needed for attaching mouldings and keeping vehicle trims in place for domestic & import vehicles.
  • Push-Type Retainers (6126A-LRG) Includes 275 Retaining & Xmas Tree CLips capable of being used in a variety of automotive applications depending on size.

Some assembly required.

Included in Set-Up:
  • ROGO Bin Topper.
  • Assortment Rack Stand (20-3/8" W x 15-1/8" H x 12-1/8" D)
  • 2 x Large Drawer Assortment Racks (20-1/4" W x 15" H x 12-1/2" D)
  • 8 Body Shop Assortments

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