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MCASE Fuse Assortment

Package Quantity:

These Assortments are designed for installers who require larger quantities and varieties of fuses to complete proper installations. A tough plastic storage container houses 80 Fuses and is perfect for parts drawers, toolboxes, countertops, and road service vehicles. The MCASE™ is a cartridge style fuse with female terminals for 2.8 mm male terminals. Their miniaturized size is perfect for optimal usage in small spaces, and being time delayed fuses they are specially designed to handle high inrush currents on startup.
  • Durable clear plastic storage container.
  • Small size fits in a variety of locations.
  • 20 Fuses in 20A, 25A, 30A, and 40A each.
  • Fuses can also be purchased individually.
  • Handles high inrush currents easily.