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M8-1.25 X 50mm J.I.S. Small Head Hex Flange Bolt

Package Quantity: 15

The J.I.S. Small Head Hex Flange Bolt is a high-strength fastening solution with a size of M8-1.25 X 50mm. Manufactured to meet the J.I.S. B1189 and I.S.O. Class 10.9 standards, this bolt offers excellent durability and reliability. Its zinc-plated finish enhances corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity. With a hex size of 12mm and a flange outer diameter of 17.5mm, this bolt is designed to securely fasten components while providing a compact and efficient solution for various industrial applications.

Size M8-1.25 x 50mm
Thread Type Coarse
Hex Width 12mm
Flange O.D. 17.5mm
Grade 10.9
Material Steel
Plating Zinc