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SKU: 22700

M8-1.25 Screw Size Extruded U-Nut

Package Quantity: 15

An extruded U-nut designed for automotive applications, this Ford U-nut features compatibility with M8-1.25 screws. With a versatile panel range of 0.80mm to 4.00mm, it accommodates various panel thicknesses. Positioned with a center hole to edge distance of 14.5mm, this U-nut offers flexibility in installation. Coated with a protective zinc finish, it ensures corrosion resistance. Its locking thread design enhances security and reliability, making it an ideal choice for fastening components in automotive assemblies.

Screw Size M8-1.25
Panel Range 0.80mm - 4.00mm
Locking Type Locking Thread
Finish Zinc
OEM Numbers N800296S439, W520823S439