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SKU: 18338

M5-0.8 Screw Size Extruded U-Nut

Package Quantity: 50

An extruded U-nut designed for optimal performance, this component is tailored for M5-0.8 screws. It boasts a versatile panel range of 0.6mm to 3.8mm, accommodating a wide variety of panel thicknesses. Positioned with a center hole to edge distance of 11mm, this U-nut allows precise and consistent installation alignment. Its robust design ensures stability and reliability. Whether for automotive or industrial applications, this extruded U-nut is engineered to provide secure fastening and ease of use.

Screw Size M5-0.8
Panel Range 0.6mm - 3.8mm
Center Hole to Edge 11mm
OEM Numbers W520821S439, 11500656, N623331S2, 11505596, W520821S439, W520821S426