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SKU: 16842

M6-1.0 Screw Size Extruded U-Nut

Package Quantity: 25

Engineered for durability and versatility, this extruded U-nut is optimized for M6-1.0 screws. It effectively accommodates panel thicknesses ranging from 3.4mm to 6.3mm, offering a wide range of application possibilities. Positioned with a center hole to edge distance of 13.5mm, it facilitates accurate and consistent installation. Its sturdy design ensures reliable performance even without a phosphate finish. This U-nut provides secure fastening solutions for various industrial uses, catering to different panel thickness requirements with confidence.

Screw Size M6-1.0
Panel Range 3.40mm - 6.30mm
Center Hole to Edge 13.5mm
OEM Number N802331-S53