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SKU: 3986

1/4" S.A.E. Grade 5 Flat Washer

Package Quantity: 100

The Grade 5 S.A.E. Flat Washer is a high-quality washer designed to accompany 1/4" bolts. With a durable zinc-plated finish, it provides excellent corrosion resistance and enhanced longevity. The washer has an inner diameter of 9/32" and an outer diameter of 5/8", ensuring a secure fit and proper load distribution. Its slim 1/16" thickness makes it ideal for applications where space is limited, while still offering reliable support and stability to your fastening needs.

Bolt Size 1/4"
Inner Diameter 9/32"
Outter Diameter 5/8"
Thickness 1/16"
Grade 5
Material Steel
Plating Zinc