Ultratane Butane Fuel

Ultratane Butane Fuel


The only approved fuel for use with Master Torch!

SKU: 89513

Master Ultratane Butane Fuel is the premium fuel used in ROGO’s butane-powered heating products. The new & improved generous can size contains a level 3 Aerosol which can be shipped hazmat free! It’s the only recommended butane fuel for Master Heating Tools (Butane-Powered), Ultratorch and Microtorch products. Used with popular Butane-powered torches like Table-top and Triggertorches. Burns clean and leaves no residue while providing consistent and uniform heat. Makes torches work like new every time!

  • Premium triple refined Butane formula to reduce clogging of filters.
  • Level 3 Aerosol – can be shipped ground and hazmat free.
  • Canister includes a single-piece universal filling tip.
  • Special vapor pressure promotes consistent ignition.
  • Contains no CFC’s.
Net Wt

2 oz. (56.5g)


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