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SKU: 89520

25' Stubby L.E.D. Worklight

Package Quantity: 1

Stubby L.E.D.'s are designed to provide a brighter and more intense light in all those small to reach spaces. Plus the 25' cord allows you to move around your work station with ease.

  • L.E.D.'s come with Light Smoothing Technology which eliminates shadows and prevents piercing light in the users eye.
  • Ruggedized L.E.D. Driver designed to withstand hard use in a shop.
  • Protected on-off switch located under domed end cap to easily turn light on and off while shielding device from damage.
  • 25' Cord is oil resistant and watertight so it can be used in a variety of conditions. Comes with molded NEMA 1-15P polarized plug.