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Flexeel Air Hose - 25'

Package Quantity: 1

Flexeel Polyurethane Reinforced Air Hose is a great alternative to bulky rubber hoses. It's lightweight and tough, ideal for outdoor road service or indoor body shop use. In addition, Flexeel retains flexibility even in cold environments. The reinforced construction eliminates the chance of layers separating due to constant expansion and contraction during pulsating operations.

  • Retains flexibility in subzero temperatures.
  • UV stabilized for a longer outdoor service life.
  • Easy to wrap and store.
  • Resistant to lubricating oils, greases and abrasion.
  • Strain relief ends incorporate a built-in reusable fitting, which make these hoses field-repairable.
  • The fitting provides an extremely tight bend radius, giving the user a greater range of motion, therefore extending the life of the hose and virtually eliminating the possibility of kinking.