TEK Screws with Nutsetters


TEK Screws with Nutsetters



The perfect metalwork combo!


This combo will equip your Techs with the best in TEK Self-Drilling screws and a shock resistant Drive Power Mag Nutsetter. You get 1 Pack of Screws & 1 Matching Nutsetter!

3/8”, 5/16” & 1/4” Hex TEK Self-Drilling Screws are designed with pointed ends that penetrate thin materials without a pilot hole. They also cut their own threads resulting in a more secure grip when working on metal-to-metal, or metal-to wood applications.

Drive Power Mag Nutsetters made of shock resistant steel gives added hardness thus minimizing breakage therefore extending tool life. Perfect for working with TEK Screws or any screws designed to work with sheet metal.

Combining durable Hex TEK Screws with magnetic Nutsetters gives techs what they need for work on thin or sheet metal tasks.



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