Boron Blaster Drill Special


Boron Blaster Drill Special



These Carbide Spotwelding Bits provide a reliable and fast way to cut spotwelds from high strength Boron Steel.

Boron Buster Lube also included! This Lube extends the life of drill bits and saw blades. Use when drilling or cutting BORON and Hi-Strength Steel to reduce friction and heat on cutting edge, adding a longer life to tools and a better finish.

  • Use in high temperature operations and difficult to machine materials.
  • ALTiN* coating improves lubricity, eliminating lubrication requirements.
  • Recommended 900 RPM – 1000 RPM.

*ALTiN = Aluminum Titanium Nitride coating is a high performance coating good at machining of abrasives and difficult-to-machine materials.



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