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Sampler Combo

Package Quantity:

This Combo Deal contains our best Chemical Samplers all for one low price! Stock your shop with all the essential Chemicals you use every day for working on various automotive tasks from bumper to trunk.

Samplers Included:
  • Body Shop Sampler - Cold Zinc Primer, Adhesive Spray, Gel-Lube, Foamy Rust Penetrant, Rubberized Undercoat, Cut & Tap Coolant.
  • Undercar Sampler - Rubberized Undercoat, Metal Parts Protector, Rust Converter, Green Zinc Primer, Rex Oxide Primer.
  • Repair Shop Sampler - Brake/Parts Cleaner, Fire Power, Glass Cleaner, Gel-Lube, Cut & Tap Coolant, Foamy Rust Penetrant.
  • Lubricant Sampler - 4-Way Penetrant, Air Tool Conditioner, Chain/Cable Lube, Auto Silicone Spray, Foamy Rust Penetrant, Gel-Lube
Plus a convenient Can Caddy is included with each sampler so you have the organizational tools needed to keep your shop clutter-free.

Caddy Dimensions: 21-1/2"W x 5-1/4"H x 3-1/8"D

4-Way Penetrant: 15 oz.
Adhesive Spray: 12 oz.
Air Tool Conditioner: 11.75 oz.
Auto Silicone Spray: 9.75 oz.
Brake/Parts Cleaner: 15 oz.
Chain/Cable Lube: 15 oz.
Cold Zinc Primer: 15 oz.
Cut & Tap Coolant: 18 oz.
Fire Power: 12 oz.
Foamy Rust Penetrant: 15.75 oz.
Gel-Lube: 13 oz.
Glass Cleaner: 19 oz.
Green Zinc Primer: 12 oz.
Metal Parts Protector: 15 oz.
Red Oxide Primer: 17 oz.
Rubberized Undercoat: 16 oz.
Rust Converter: 11 oz.