Proudly focused on American made products.


Rogo Quick-Facts
  • Established in 1992.
  • Have been featured on American Choppers.
  • Family owned business.

ROGO Fastener Co., Inc. was started founded February 1992 with a vision of forming a company with “Quality Products and Reliable Service, all at a Reasonable Price” and that has continued to be ROGO’s mission statement 30 years later.

Today ROGO Fastener Co., Inc. continues to serve the mid-Atlantic and New England areas, providing products and solutions for the automotive industry including body shops, repair shops, and automotive dealership. With the wide variety of products offered, ROGO even provides services to motorcycle repair shops, marinas, truck fleets, heavy equipment suppliers, agricultural operations, municipalities, and maintenance repair operations for manufacturing and service industries.

ROGO Fastener Co., Inc. is a family owned business, and in 2018 the second generation joined the team bringing fresh ideas and being a driving force behind our Social Media Marketing presence.

As an American founded company, ROGO Fastener Co., Inc. is focused on supplying American made products whenever possible. We employ locally and are one of the few companies around that utilizes in-person sales representatives dedicated to building relationships with their customers. Together, ROGO Fastener Co., Inc. continues to service the USA with quality products and reliable service.