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Quick & Easy: How to Install a License Plate Using Fasteners Need to know how to install a license plate using fasteners in a quick and painless way? Don’t worry, here at Rogo we have the tools and know-how to help you get it done right. Check out our step by step guide below and then shop our store for rivets and fasteners!

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  1. Tools: 

    1. Drill & drill bits or screwdriver

    2. License plate fasteners

    3. Painters tape

  2. Step 1: Mark the drill holes 

    1. Use the painters tape to hold the license plate frame

    2. Mark the 4 holes and remove the frame for easier drilling

    3. Tip: A sharpie works best for marking the holes

  3. Step 2: Place the rivets

    1. Once holes are drilled, place the frame over the 4 holes

    2. Use rivets to keep license plate frame in place

  4. Step 3: Use the license plate fasteners

    1. Once license plate frame is in place, use the plate screws to attach the license plate to the frame

    2. Tip: Drill holes in the license plate first before attaching to the frame

  5. Step 4: Expiration date sticker

    1. Ensure the expiration date sticker is in the right location

    2. Example: NY stickers must be on the bottom right corner where FL stickers must be in the top right corner