Threadlocker Combo – 10ml


Threadlocker Combo – 10ml


Prevents loosening due to vibration!

Combo of 5 economically sized (10ml) bottles to help you eliminate waste! A variety of strengths are offered ensuring you have what you need for any task:
#89140 – Low Strength Purple 22
#89142 – Medium Strength Blue 42
#89145 – High Strength Red 71
#89151 – Med-Hi Strength Wicking Grade Green 90
#89156 – High Strength High Temp. Green 640
ROGO Threadlockers lock threaded fasteners against vibration-loosening forces to prevent leaks and rusting of threads. Parts can be easily disassembled with hand tools. Multiple strengths work on different sized fasteners.


5 Threadlockers


10 ml.


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