Anti-Seize Compound Combo


Anti-Seize Compound Combo


Protect, lubricate, and fight corrosion!

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Whether you work in highly corrosive environments or you need to enhance electrical conductivity, these Anti-Seize Compounds are exactly what you need! Both Anti-Seize Compounds are designed to protect, lubricate, and fight corrosion.

Cop-Plate has a non-melting synthetic carrier which dissipates at temperatures above 400°F without leaving carbon residue. It withstands temperature ranges from –65°F to 1800°F, ensuring easy disassembly, reducing parts breakage and down time.

High-Temp Anti-Seize has a temperature range of -60°F – +2,000°F. It’s perfect for nuts, bolts, studs etc., which makes it good for bearings, slides, and more.

Cop-Plate Weight

6 oz.

Anti-Seize Weight

14 oz.


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