Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator


Removes the most offensive odors imaginable.

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Spray Odor Eliminator on the entire interior and in the air conditioning vents to rid car interiors of foul odors. Clean carpeting, upholstery, fabric surfaces, circulation systems, etc. of smells such as tobacco, body odor, and other off-putting scents. Auto Interior Odor Eliminator does the job very quickly.
Citrus scent leaves a fresh, clean fragrance in place of smells and once it dissipates (within 48 – 72 hours) you’ll know Odor Eliminator has destroyed all the foul odors you wanted to remove!
One can treats up to nine (9) vehicles of all types!


14 oz.

Safety Data Sheet

99052 – Odor Eliminator SDS


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