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Auto Interior Covers Special

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Show customers you're committed to cleanliness with high quality Slip-N-Grip covers for car interiors & tires! These quality coverings are durable and designed to keep cars clean during vehicle maintenance and repair without slipping. Plus customers will appreciate your dedication to maintaining a safe & clean environment. Choose a combo of Seat Covers & Floor Mats, Wheel & Gear-shift Covers, Tire Storage Bags, or you can have them all for just one low price!

  • Seat Covers are designed with a gripping layer that helps it adhere to cloth, carpet, and even leather, while the smooth top layer allows techs to slip in and out of vehicles.
  • Floor mats are prime durable coated paper direct from the mill for consistent quality!
  • Steering Wheel and Clutch coverings  are impervious to most shop chemicals thus providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Tire Storage Bags are essential for keeping tires covered and clean during off-season months. Make sure your customers tires are protected!