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Hose Coupler Combo Special

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For high-vibration applications, the use of a lead-in hose is imperative to ensure the life of the coupler by preventing damage. With this Hose Coupler Combo you'll be well prepared to handle any job involving pressurized air tools. Included is our 5-In-1 Safety Coupler, Lead-In Hose, and the option to include a 25' durable Flexeel Air Hose.

Flexible Lead-In Hose Features:
  • Flexeel lead-in: 3/8" ID x 24".
  • Ball Swivel: 1/4"
  • Ball Swivel fitting increases user's range of motion and comfort.
  • Composed of durable, Flexeel reinforced polyurethane.
  • Designed to isolate highvibration tools such as impact guns and air hammers from couplers.
  • Withstands oils, abrasion, and kinking.

Coupler Features:
  • "Automatic" Design - 1/4" body plug can simply be pushed into the coupler to make a safe, secure, leak-free connection.
  • Easy to use - to start & stop the pressurized flow of air, simply move the black coupler sleeve.
  • Closed position allows the downstream air to bleed off in order to safely release the plug.
  • Reduces the possibility of injury to nearby personnel or damage to cars from a whipping hose.

Hose Features:
  • Retains flexibility in subzero temps.
  • UV stabilized for longer outdoor life.
  • Easy to wrap and store.
  • Resistant to lubricating oils, greases, and abrasion.
  • Strain relief ends incorporate a builtin reusable fitting, which makes these hoses field-repairable.
  • The fitting provides an extremely tight bend radius, giving the user a greater range of motion, extending the life of the hose and virtually eliminating the possibility of kinking.